Prize winner 2022


In 2022, Prof. Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zuerich) receives the Hamburg Prize for Theoretical Physics for her pioneering research on a new class of materials known as multiferroics. These will facilitate ground-breaking microelectronics applications,  such as the building of ultra-fast data repositories or supersensitive sensors.
Nicola Spaldin’s theoretical analyses and experiments have paved the way for the production of tailor-made ferromagnetic and ferroelectric crystals. These versatile magnetoelectric materials promise ground-breaking applications: in computers, for example, by eliminating the need to physically separate the electrical processing of information in the processor and its magnetic storage on hard drives. This would ensure a higher processing power and lower power consumption, leading experts to hope that multiferroic metal oxide compounds could compete with silicon as semiconductors.

More information can be found on the homepage of the Joachim Herz Stiftung