WPC Building

Central to the proposal of the WPC is the construction of a new building that serves two main purposes. On the one hand it hosts the DESY Theory and the II. Institute for Theoretical Physics (both high energy physics), which - after years of expansion - are currently spread over four buildings.

In addition to providing office space, the WPC building concept foresees state-of-the-art co-working and discussion areas, paying special attention to the collaboration with the many theorists in other institutions on campus, in the region and in Zeuthen.

At the same time, the planned new WPC building will also host new central facilities. These are key to a whole array of measures that can boost research at the intersection between research groups that are becoming more and more specialized.

To achieve its mission, the WPC collaborates closely with a number of strategically selected national and international partners. The long tradition of close collaboration between theory and experiment is one of the key assets that sets the WPC apart from any other center for theoretical physics in the world. Members of the WPC play a vital role in the two federal excellence clusters AIM and QU, for which the WPC develops a very potent link.

Finally, with its cross-departmental and multi-site concept, the WPC is also one of the three innovative projects of DESY's "Strategy 2030" and among the first new initiatives to support the visions of the Science City Bahrenfeld.

Visualization of the planned WPC building