About WPC

The Wolfgang Pauli Centre (WPC) unites the different theory groups of Universit├Ąt Hamburg and DESY in the areas particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology, mathematical physics, condensed matter, quantum optics and chemical physics. In addition to uniting the local theory groups, we will form strategic partnerships with theory institutes both within Germany and internationally.

Today the campus and its closest allies count around 350 theorists (faculty, postdocs, PhD students) who are working in 12 different institutions. Their research and training is supported by many third party funds, such as Collaborative Research Centres and Research Training Groups. Most recently, the Physics and Chemistry Departments of Universitat Hamburg with support from DESY competed very successfully within the Federal Excellence Initiative and secured funding for two new excellence clusters devoted to "CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter: Structure, Dynamics and Control on the Atomic Scale" (AIM), and to the "Quantum Universe" (QU).

In addition to research, the training of master and graduate students is a key goal of the WPC. Several graduate schools in the different research fields already offer a structured program of courses, providing the basis of excellent research. The WPC supports new ideas at the intersection of the present research fields with a number of activities, like workshops and special lectures by visiting professors. An annual Wolfgang-Pauli-Lecture by a non-tenured researcher promotes distinguished young theorists.

Here you find the mission statement of the WPC.