Master and PhD Programme

Basic Courses

  • Quantum mechanics II
  • Quantum field theory I & II
  • Condensed matter I & II
  • General relativity
  • Computational astrophysics
  • Astroparticle physics and cosmology
  • Stellar and planetary atmospheres
  • Stellar structure and evolution

Advanced Courses

  • Phase transitions and renormalization group
  • Quantum theory of magnetism
  • Quantum theory of many-body systems
  • Theory of non-equilibrium processes
  • Theory of photon-matter interactions
  • Theory of electronic structure and molecular dynamics
  • Theoretical quantum optics and atom optics
  • Standard Model and LHC physics
  • Quantum Chromodynamics
  • Theory beyond the Standard Model
  • Supersymmetry and supergravity
  • String theory
  • Theoretical Cosmology

Listed are 4 hour courses which are regularly taught within a three year cycle. In addition there are several special 2 hour courses which can be found on the websites of the following graduate schools:
PIER-Helmholtz Graduate School
IRTG "Particles, Strings and the Early Universe"
Master in Mathematical Physics